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A La Carte

We use the 'Suite Structure' to manage our menu of services. We serve at the pleasure of  entrepreneur's and the business platform, we supply talent agencies with the full media support needed to create public identities and we create and facilitate the ideas of some of our country's  most inventive minds. We've organized service options just for you. 

The Wall of Ideas

The Creativ Suite


Medina Media Creativ provides the best in creative media packaging in the industry. From electronic press kits (EPK's) to marketing decks, film and television pitches to non-profit concepts, we've packaged ideas and identities for the best of them. 

The BE Suite

The Business Enterprise Marketing Suite


Inside This Suite

Our BE Suite is a micro-one stop shop for business needs within Medina Media Creativ. Our services include SEO, Play Per Click, Social Media Management, Media Buying, Commercial Production and more.

The Agency Suite

Record Labels, Talent Management Agencies, Production Companies & More

DJ's Crowd

Medina Media Creativ takes pride in servicing agency needs across industry spectrum. Our collection of management teams range from talent management to public relations agencies, record labels to sports management agencies. We provide full media packaging for talent including press kits, bios, web design, marketing pitches, sponsorship decks, film and television pitches and more.   

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